One in Nature

Finding New Hope after Ecological Disaster

June 04, 2020
One in Nature
Finding New Hope after Ecological Disaster
Show Notes

In this episode, Anissa Hernández, MD talks about her work with trauma patients who have been impacted by Puerto Rico's hurricane Maria and the subsequent severe earthquakes. 

She shares her discovery how nature connection is helping her patients in trauma recovery and building hope and resilience, especially after ecological trauma. How cultivating a relationship with nature can support anyone to find a positive perspective on life and develop a renewed sense of self-love.

As a pioneer in her field, Dr. Hernandez is also observing the delicate balance between the need for psychiatric drugs and increased resilience through other wellness modalities  such as Reiki, Aroma Therapy, Sound Therapy and Forest Bathing.

Bonus: At the end of the episode,  Dr. Hernandez is offering an introductory experience of forest bathing with a spontaneous "Pleasures of Presence" invitation.

Dr. Anissa V. Hernández, MD, FTG  is a psychiatrist in Puerto Rico. She offers  psychiatric and psychological outpatient services at her office, complemented by other wellness therapies, such as: Reiki, aromatherapy, mindfulness, sound therapy, and Forest Therapy. Telemedicine services are available for residents of Puerto Rico.

Virtual Forest Therapy walks with in (Spanish/English bilingual) are open to everybody!  Contact Dr.Hernandez on Instagram via @forestbathingpr.

For more details on psychiatric care:  1-787-326-2259 and 1-787-202-9387 

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